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YouTube’s Video Anti-Piracy Technology Launched

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YouTube’s Video Anti-Piracy Technology Launched

On September 1st I had written a post titled ” YouTube’s Anti-Piracy Technology and Licensing” which talked about technology that Google was developing and had promised to come up with soon that would combat piracy of videos on YouTube. YouTube has been under fire with several law suits being filed against it for video piracy and the most prominent one was Viacom seeking $1billion in damages.

Now finally Google has launched this much awaited and promised video anti piracy technology on October 15th which will combat piracy on YouTube. YouTube’s Video Identification technology is a database that stores reference files of original video content and associated ownership rights and compares it with any video YouTube users attempt to upload.  Read here. When it comes to the music industry Google uses Audible Magic a private company to offer audio identification tools to detect unlawful uses of music inside YouTube videos.

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