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Artistic License Terms- Copyright Infringement

In Jacobsen v. Katzer, the appellant brought an action against the appellees for copyright infringement for not following the terms of the Artistic License while copying and incorporating materials from it's website. The District court had stated that open source Artistic License created an "intentionally broad" non-exclusive license which is unlimited in scope and thus did not create liablity for copyright infringement. The appellete court's analysis was otherwise stating that the Artistic License and other open source licenses cannot be randomly copied and modified without following the terms set forth in the license. In this case the Artistic License required that changes...

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YouTube’s Antipiracy Technology and Licensing

YouTube owned by Google has been accused of not complying with copyright laws since the site is abound with pirated material. So far the company has not had a system to prevent piracy of copyrighted music, movies/videos on it's website. The problem for YouTube is to identify and keep tab on the music and movies and decide who is the owner of the rights since lots of theYouTube has  posted material is rehashed and mixed. This year the company planned to introduce technology to help media companies identify pirated videos uploaded by users or detect illegaly copied material before being posted. The...

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