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India Seeking New Currency Logo

Branding is the key to marketing, and marketing is essential to promote anything. India sure is in the process of promoting itself. With the ruling party winning in the national elections, India will continue to attract foreign investment and continue on it's path to being a economic power house. India is definitely looking to market itself, it already has in the area of tourism and now it wants to distinguish its currency and create a brand which will be instantly recognized world wide. The current rupee does not have a symbol like the dollar sign or the pound sign and so...

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Patenting India’s Culture and Way of Life

The Western world has repeatedly tried to patent India way of live. I was watching this video com/watch? v=KSwhpF9iJSs on Youtube called "Super Brain Yoga" and found it hilarious. While growing up in India, I used to every morning and evening do these sit ups crossing my arms and holding my ears. All people from South India follow this custom as part of their salutations to Lord Ganesa (the remover of obstacles). Even in school and at homes to discipline children they are asked to do this "Super brain Yoga" and now the West it discovering it and actually spending...

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There is so much noise about delaying the switch to digital broadcasts from analog transmission, and the FCC has said that it would not allow 123 stations to switch on Feb. 17 as originally scheduled. Congress postponed the deadline last week to June 12, citing concerns that many people were unprepared for the move to digital. FCC said it reserved the right to prevent stations from switching if it posed a public safety threat to particular markets since people who received digital signals on analog televisions would lose access to important public safety information and local news alerts. For years people...

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Googling Government Web sites

I will let you decide whether Google is being altruistic or is it just another means to an end of creating more revenue through advertisement dollars. Google is pushing for government web sites to be accessible to search engines crawlers, so that when someone types in a query in the Google search bar, the information available in government sites will show up readily instead of having to go to the actual government site to access the required information.  Read here. Google claims that it doesn't want to disappoint its users and wants to provide service and be the best search engine out...

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Privacy Rights of Celebrities and Others

When it comes to publicity and privacy rights it can be a fine dividing line. Madonna the famous singer has won a case against the U.K tabloid the Mail for publishing her wedding pictures.  Madonna is a celebrity and as such does not normally have privacy rights to her pictures that were taken by someone even without her permission.  This statement would have been true if the pictures were taken when she was in a public place, but the fact that the wedding was an private affair where no pictures were taken and the ones taken were by a photographer...

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Steps to Set Up a Nonprofit Corporation in California

Here are the basic steps that need to be followed in the case of a nonprofit, assuming that the organization does not have any assets, is not leasing any property and that you don’t receive more than $25,000 in gross receipts in a year. 1. Reserve name for the nonprofit corporation with the Secretary of State and after receiving the reserved name need to file the articles within 60 days, otherwise need to send in another application to reserve the name. 2. File the articles (4 copies) for the nonprofit corporation along with a cover letter and check of $30.00 (filing fee)...

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Oh Harry Potter/ Hari Puttur!

There we go again, this time Warner Bros is filing a suit against the release of the Bollywood film "Hari Puttur" because when pronounced in American or British English accent it sounds like "Harry Potter". This is so ridiculous and shows clear ignorance, intolerance and unwillingnessto open up to different languages and cultures of the world. 'Hari' is a very common name in India and means God, and in Punjabi puttur means son, so "Hari puttur" could mean either the son of God or the son of a man named Hari. When said with an Indian or Punjabi accent it no...

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Recent IP and Technoloy Law Happenings

Here are some interesting recent happenings both in the U.S. and in India on IP and technology law. The litigation that was on for a while and made interesting reading is the battle between the fashion icons Barbie v. Bratz and the more long standing and mature co ntender Barbie wins $100 million in a copyright infringement law suit. The side issue in the matter was breach of contract because Mattel the maker of Barbie filed a law suit against MGA Entertainment the maker of Bratz stating that the design for Bratz was taken from Barbie while the designer worked with...

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Surveillance and the Warrantless Wiretapping Bill

President Bush after signing the surveillance and the warrantless wiretapping bill, said the bill gives the government anti-terror tools it needs without compromising Americans' civil liberties. I don't understand how the bill does not compromises Americans' civil liberties. In fact it has shut the door on any possibilities for civil liberties that are so fundamental in the Constitution. It is just a political game to which the Democrats have succumbed. I am real disappointed that Obama for all that he said that he was against the war on Iraq and was going to CHANGE things in Washington, voted for the bill...

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Law on Claiming Lottery Prize Money

If you buy a lottery ticket keep it safe and most importantly if you are the winner of millions of dollars, make sure that you don't lose the ticket till you claim the prize money. According to the law anyone who brings in the actual ticket will be declared the winner, or you will have to wait for a year and if no one else brings in the actual ticket then you will be awarded the prize money. So if are the winner and lose your ticket and someone else finds it then they are the winner. Here is an very...

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