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What clients’ value

We provide high quality personalized legal service at a reasonable price. Our fee structure is flexible and we are willing to work with the client based on their specific needs and goals. We have low overheads and so we are able to pass on the benefits of the savings to our clients through lower legal fees.

Our Clients

Baskar Agneeswaran

Founder and Director, Vajro, Inc.

We appreciate Sujatha’s assistance and highly recommend her for your legal requirements. Her innovative thinking has helped us solve our critical business needs. She takes the time to understand the needs of the company and is engaging, flexible and enthusiastic about getting the work done. She is very approachable and provides advice on a real-time basis.

Akash Agarwal

Founder, Sarvaadhaar Healthcare

I recommend TechBiz Legal for your corporate and business legal requirements. If you are looking for a true business lawyer invested in your company’s growth, Sujatha is your person as she has been there in our journey from idea through growth stages as our legal mentor. She is responsive, detail oriented and professional. Sujatha has been of immense help for our startup and we have been happy with her responsive and experienced advice.

Prana Technologies, Inc.

Founder and Director

I had the privilege of getting to know Sujatha as a lawyer while interacting at the Founder Institute. Her competence as a startup lawyer is commendable. She is passionate about her work and takes the time to listen, understand and respond to the concerns and legal issues of the founders of the various startups who are in the Founder Institute program.

Alec Adams


I have worked with Attorney Sujatha Ganesan on several occasions, and with her assistance as my co-counsel, each legal case that she helped me to handle was productive, profitable and ultimately successful. She is skilled and knowledgeable in her area of legal expertise but open to learning new areas of the law. Most of all, she provided me with the much-needed constructive feedback that every attorney must have, in order to grow and improve professionally. I and my clients benefited immeasurably from her involvement and I personally look forward to teaming up with Attorney Ganesan in the future.

Ankur Garg

Founder & CEO, Hotify

TechBiz Legal and Sujatha have been our go-to source for our legal needs and we have always been taken great care of in a very proactive manner and we recommend her for a startup and growing business. Sujatha thinks like a co-founder of the company and invests her time and energy wholeheartedly.

Sanal K Sankar

Director, Founder Institute, Chennai

Sujatha is a mentor at the Founder Institute (FI), the world’s premier idea-stage Accelerator and Startup launch program. She provides practical solution and advice due to her expertize in startup issues and the law. She mentors young entrepreneurs through the various stages such as Naming and Positioning, Pitching the Idea, Company and Team formation, Bootstrapping and Fund Raising. As a director of the program, I appreciate Sujatha’s contribution to the program.